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Well, it wasn’t but a couple of years ago that I didn’t even own a computer. As I told my friend, Thom Bresh, I didn’t want it “in my home”. But, here it is two years later, and I not only have a computer, but my own web-site! I intend to share a lot of my experiences, opinions, likes, dislikes, etc. with the people who keep up with my web-site. You can get copies of my albums by clicking on the proper links. I am proud of my albums…and I intend to keep putting them out. I am a writer who started coming to Nashville in the late 1960’s and finally moved in 1975…and here it is 2007. This town has changed, but so have I. I have a new album just coming out (I just received my first copies yesterday) and it will be posted soon. I am planning to release my earliest album, Paul Craft Warnings, soon with additional cuts (some live). There are other planned projects that I will announce as they develop. All of this scares me a bit. As Brian Wilson said on one of the Smile interviews, “I’m not scared but I’m a little bit petrified”. There will, in time, be links where you can visit websites of my friends, fans, idols and other related folks. Much more to come, so keep checking!



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